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Law-Thinker.com is a leading online platform dedicated to providing legal professionals with valuable insights, industry updates, and thought-provoking content. Our mission is to empower lawyers and law enthusiasts by delivering the latest legal news, expert analysis, and practical resources that support professional growth and development.

Since our inception in 2023, we have grown our subscriber base to over 10,000 lawyers, thanks to our commitment to high-quality content and targeted online marketing efforts. We are proud to be a trusted source of information for legal professionals, who rely on our platform to stay informed and engaged in the ever-evolving legal landscape.

Our team of experienced writers and researchers is dedicated to producing timely, relevant, and accurate articles that meet the highest standards. We believe that trust is the foundation of our success, and we work tirelessly to maintain the highest level of integrity and transparency in everything we do.

Meet Our Founder & Editor-in-Chief: Mike Ruggles

Mike Ruggles is the driving force behind Law-Thinker.com. With an extensive background in business, project management, and knowledge management, Mike brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table.

Prior to founding Law-Thinker.com, Mike held various positions in the legal and business world, including Business Development Manager at Mundipharma Colombia, Project Manager at Purdue Pharma (Canada), and Knowledge Management Executive for Southeast Asia at Deloitte.

Mike holds a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) from Mount Saint Vincent University, a Master of Science in Knowledge Management from Nanyang Technological University Singapore, a Graduate Diploma in Systems Analysis from the National University of Singapore, and an Especialización en Valoración Inmobiliaria (Real Estate) from La Lonja de Propiedad Raíz de Medellín y Antioquia.

As the Founder & Editor-in-Chief of Law-Thinker.com, Mike is dedicated to ensuring the platform remains a trusted and authoritative source of information for legal professionals. He leads a talented team of writers and researchers to produce content that adheres to the highest standards, always prioritizing trust and first-hand experience.

Under Mike’s leadership, Law-Thinker.com has become a go-to resource for lawyers and law enthusiasts, providing unparalleled insights and expert analysis on a wide range of legal topics. Mike’s passion for the law, combined with his commitment to excellence, is what makes Law-Thinker.com the definitive online destination for all things legal.

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