Law Schools that are ‘Overperforming’ on the Bar . How does AI Stack Up?

Mike Ruggles, Founder

Mike Ruggles, Founder

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Law Schools that 'Overperform' on the Bar. How AI Stacks Up?

Key Points:

  • A recent study reveals a selection of law schools that are surpassing expected success rates on bar exams.
  • The top 25 overperforming law schools have been identified, with their performance potentially reflecting a unique focus on first-time bar passage.
  • A ground-breaking development shows that AI model GPT-4 is outperforming most law school graduates on the bar exam.
  • These revelations prompt questions about the future of legal education and the role of AI in the legal profession.

AI vs. Human Lawyers: A Provocative Examination of Legal Education and Bar Exam Performance πŸ’ΌπŸŽ“

As the impending July 2023 bar examination draws closer, the legal community finds itself grappling with a radically transformative question: Are we nurturing the right kind of legal talent to maintain the human edge in law? πŸ€”

This thought-provoking query is stirred up by a compelling new study titled “The Secret Sauce: Examining Law Schools That Overperform on the Bar Exam”. This research paper, penned by distinguished scholars Professor Christopher J. Ryan Jr. of Louisville Law and Professor Derek T. Muller of Iowa Law, scrutinizes a selection of law schools that are not just succeeding, but surpassing expectations, at producing graduates who conquer the bar exam.

The Bold New Findings πŸ’‘

The findings in this groundbreaking study are far from mundane. The authors analyzed the performance of law schools, classifying them as overperforming or underperforming based on their ability to surpass predicted bar success rates. This evaluation took into consideration the academic profile of the students admitted in each law school cohort, as well as state bar passage averages in the jurisdictions where their graduates sat for the bar exam.

Over a six-year period, from 2014 to 2019, data was extracted and analyzed from law schools that both outshined and fell short on the bar exam. Intriguingly, it appears that the law schools that are overperforming give particular attention to ensuring first-time bar passage as opposed to ultimate bar passage. 🎯

The Prestigious Top 25 ⭐

Drawing on the conclusions of Ryan and Mueller’s research, the top 25 overperforming law schools, as showcased by their U.S. News rankings, deserve a hearty congratulations and recognition:

Florida International (#60)
Stanford (#1)
USC (#16)
UC-Berkeley (#10)
North Carolina (#22)
Belmont (#105)
Michigan (#10)
Florida State (#56)
UCLA (#14)
Virginia (#8)
Campbell (#125)
Yale (#1)
LSU (#99)
Georgia (#20)
Duke (#5)
Harvard (#5)
Wake Forest (#22)
Georgia State (#69)
Chicago (#3)
Penn (#4)
Illinois (#43)
Baylor (#49)
Washington & Lee (#40)
Liberty (#135)
Vanderbilt (#16)

The Rise of AI Lawyers – Is Our Profession at Stake? πŸ€–βš–οΈ

Now, brace yourself for the truly controversial part of this discussion – the latest addition to the legal landscape, Artificial Intelligence (AI). A new study released in July 2023 suggests that GPT-4, a cutting-edge AI model by Microsoft-backed OpenAI, can now outperform most law school graduates on the bar exam. πŸš€

This study, executed by law professors and legal technology firm Casetext, demonstrated that GPT-4 scored an astounding 297 on the bar exam. This score positions GPT-4 in the 90th percentile of actual test takers – high enough to be admitted to practice law in the majority of states. 😲

The bar exam is far from a simple test; it evaluates knowledge, reasoning, includes essays, performance tests simulating legal work, and multiple-choice questions. Despite this, GPT-4 was able to tackle these complex tasks and demonstrate deep legal knowledge, reading comprehension, and writing ability. What was once a profession unique to humans now stands at the precipice of a brave new era dominated by AI. 🌐

Embracing the Future – A Call to Action πŸ“£

This sensational development raises numerous debates and discussions. Are we as a legal community ready to embrace AI? Are the top-ranking law schools producing graduates who can outperform AI? Are we in the throes of a massive paradigm shift, not only in how we perceive legal practice but also in how we train future legal professionals?

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From declining enrollment to falling bar exam success rates, law schools have faced significant challenges since 2010. In light of the rise of AI lawyers, the stakes have never been higher. As legal professionals, educators, and students, it’s time for us to reassess our roles, redefine our goals, and rethink our strategies. Because the future of law may well be not just in our hands but in our minds. πŸŒ…


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A: Overperforming law schools are those that exceed predicted success rates on the bar exam, considering their students’ academic profile and jurisdiction-specific bar passage averages.

A: The top three overperforming law schools, according to the study, are Florida International, Stanford, and USC.

A: The AI model GPT-4 demonstrated deep legal knowledge, reading comprehension, and writing ability to score higher on the bar exam than most human test-takers.

A: The rise of AI in law could pose significant challenges to human lawyers and prompt a reevaluation of legal education and training.

A: You can join our newsletter to get the latest insights and updates on legal trends, including the integration of AI in law.

Mike Ruggles, Founder

Mike Ruggles, Founder

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