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This edition of our newsletter takes you on a digital deep dive, right at the intersection of the Code of Laws and the Code of… well, Coding. So let’s embark on a virtual voyage through legal tech-territory.

In Today’s Email:

Facebook & Google’s Vault of Secrets: Peer into the crystal ball (or augmented reality lens) and uncover the enigma of unreleased tech wonders and the legal labyrinths they weave!

Dangerous Dabble? AI in the Dock: Automation or annihilation? Dive deep into the promises and perils AI brings to our courtrooms and counsel chambers.

Directing AI Conversations – The Legal Edition: Curious about getting Siri (or her more sophisticated cousins) to debate habeas corpus? Unlock the magic of tailored AI interactions for the legal eagles!

Ready to crack the code? Then it’s ‘All Aboard’ for an enlightening expedition through tech’s influence on trust law and more. Bon voyage, dear reader!

👁️ Facebook & Google’s Unreleased Secret Technology

In a Nutshell

From Faces to Ethical Races:

Facebook & Google, our trusty tech overlords, are diving deep into the facial recognition pool. But unlike the brave Clearview AI and PimEyes who belly-flopped into the deep end, these giants are treading cautiously, ensuring those ethical floaties are securely fastened.

A Recognizable Purchase:

Acquiring power or just good ol’ innovation? With purchases like Polar Rose, PittPatt, and, tech mammoths are ensuring their stake in the game. Remember Tommer Leyvand’s promise of revolutionizing social interactions? Well, seems like Silicon Valley sure does!

The New Kids on the Block:

Clearview AI and PimEyes might be the younger siblings in this techie family, but they’re certainly making a splash. Going boldly where no startup has gone before, they’re using the web’s vast data to offer some unique, albeit controversial, tools. Law enforcement seems to be enjoying the party, but at what cost?

Reality? Augmented!:

The future’s so bright, we’ve got to wear AR shades. Imagine recognizing someone from a past conference just by looking at them. With AR, that’s not just a pipe dream—it’s a legal and ethical quagmire waiting to happen.

Craving the full scoop? Eager to see how this techie drama unfolds, especially for our legal eagles? Dabble into the details, and maybe even prep for your next courtroom debate, by diving into our latest article. The future, it seems, is written on our faces.


ChatGPT’s Trending Trajectory: The buzz around ChatGPT may be dwindling, but a recent Salesforce survey shows the AI chatterbox is still a daily go-to for many. Out of 4,000 consumers across the US, UK, Australia, and India, nearly half have tried large language models (LLMs) or similar AI tools, with a third of them sticking around for daily interactions. The tech-savvy Gen Z and millennials lead the charge, accounting for 65% of users, with 70% of Gen Zers acknowledging their use. However, there’s a plot twist! ChatGPT’s online traction declined for the first time between May and June, causing tech honchos to ponder about morphing AI into consistently appealing products.

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💼 Dangerous Dabble? AI’s Legal Pitfalls Exposed!

In a Nutshell

LegalTech’s Latest Marvel or Malfunction?

AI promises a future of fast-paced legal research, dynamic learning, and swanky automation, making the lives of legal professionals (dare we say) almost delightful! By cutting costs and saving time, AI offers a courtroom dance that’s hard to resist.

The AI-lluminating Concerns:

But hold onto your robes! As with any new dance, there are some missteps. From the occasional AI blunder to those pesky ethical conundrums and (whisper it) data security nightmares, there’s enough drama to fill a legal series.

History’s Lessons on Tech-Trepidation:

Remember the email saga? The cloudy days of computing apprehension? Initial fears and skepticism soon gave way to widespread adoption as security and utility evolved. If history is our witness, AI might just be the next big thing at the legal disco.

AI’s Confidentiality Conundrum:

Client confidentiality is the holy grail of lawyering, and AI’s data storage concerns pose a challenging riddle. From potential data leaks to third-party eavesdropping, it’s a whirlwind of potential ‘whoops’ moments.

Tempted to dive deeper into the AI rabbit hole? Equip yourself with gavel and geek glasses, and join us for a deep dive into the law-tech tango in our latest article. Because every legal professional deserves to be AI-lert and AI-ware!

🤖 Directing AI Conversations: Tailored For Legal Professionals

In a Nutshell

Prompting Perfection:

Ever dreamt of having a personal assistant who understands legalese as fluently as you? Enter instruction prompting in AI, the magical wand that lets legal mavens guide AI to execute tasks with precision. Imagine effortlessly parsing names in legal documents or ensuring PII stays under wraps. All with just the right magic words!

From Parsing to Privacy:

Name parsing is no trivial task in the legal world. It’s the linchpin ensuring proceedings and decisions flow smoothly. But what about the protection of Personally Identifiable Information? Fear not! AI is equipped to redact PII, swapping sensitive data for generic placeholders. Privacy maintained, client happy!

AI: The Preliminary Prof:

Can a machine truly evaluate a legal document? Well, while AI won’t be winning the moot court anytime soon, it’s already acing in providing feedback on grammar, clarity, and the quality of argumentation. Still, remember, it’s just a warm-up before the human touch dives in for a nuanced assessment.

Promptly Refined:

In the legal field, precision isn’t a luxury; it’s a necessity. Iterative refinement of AI prompts ensures that the machine’s outputs are not just accurate but relevant. Because in our world, refining isn’t just about fine-tuning, it’s about capturing the essence of law and tech in harmony.

Eager to decode the symphony between AI and legal intricacies? Dive into the nexus of technology and the legal framework in our riveting article and discover how AI could be your next right-hand…entity?

Tidbit Territory

Robot Rules Reckoning: The rise of AI in employee monitoring propels lawmakers to reconsider AI’s role in the workplace.

KPMG’s AI Adventure: KPMG LLP announces a fresh AI and digital innovation group, led by newly-appointed Vice Chair, Steve Chase.

Schmidt’s AI Strategy: Eric Schmidt utilizes his $27 billion fortune to craft a dominant influence in Washington, particularly in AI policy discussions.

Lobbying the AI Landscape: Lobbyists hustle to leave their mark on AI’s federal regulations, while dismissing the idea of AI lobbyists as mere fiction.

Ant’s AI Ascent: Ant Group Co. rolls out an AI tool for wealth management and insurance, joining the AI innovation race.

California’s Truck Tether: The state Senate decides that autonomous trucks in California must have human drivers onboard.

Netflix’s Patent Pursuit: Netflix Inc. gets another chance to convince authorities that the patented trick-play streaming feature is obvious and unpatentable.

Amazon’s Secrecy Stand: Inc. demands protection against the US government over shared confidential information concerns.

Google’s Chat Controversy: The US Justice Department focuses on Alphabet Inc.’s Google over evidence of auto-deleted company chats in a significant antitrust trial.

DISCO’s Leadership Dance: CS Disco announces CEO Kiwi Camara’s departure, appointing Scott Hill as interim leader. Camara’s earnings and DISCO’s NYSE listing gain attention.

Blast From The Past & Bizarre Bits

🍎 On this day in 2012, Apple unveiled the iPhone 5 and iOS 6.

🔔 On this day in 1992, NBC canceled all of their Saturday morning cartoons and opted to air Saved By The Bell, California Dreams, NBA Inside Stuff, Name Your Adventure and a weekend version of Today. It marked the end of all children’s programming entirely on the network.

🌕 On this day in 1962, President Kennedy delivered his “We Choose to go to the Moon” speech at Rice University.

🟢 The Hulk was originally gray, but Marvel changed him to green after problems with ink in their presses.

🦈 Bruce, the vegetarian shark from “Finding Nemo”, was named after the animatronic shark used while filming “Jaws”.

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